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    Dota Allstars 6.63 Map

    IceFrog just released the latest dota map version 6.63. This map is a development from the previous map version is 6.62. Even so there are quite a lot of changes in the list when compared to the changelogs map out 6.62. This is probably because the number of bugs found in previous versions.

    Which will be complaints for many users might be using the patch 1.24 (as of version 6.62). we all know that many people who encountered problems in the installation of this latest patch.

    Below I include the following list of changelogs and link to download the latest map. Enjoy!!!

    Dota-Allstars v6.63 Changelogs:


    - Mana Void AoE increased from 275 to 325
    - Strength changed from 16 +1.5 to 20 +1.2

    - Battle Hunger duration reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 10/13/16/19 and increased damage to keep the same total damage output

    Bane Elemental
    - Fiend's Grip manacost increased from 100/175/250 to 200/300/400

    - Reduced base damage from 64-70 to 48-52
    - Sticky Napalm fixed from doing a higher constant slow instead of stacking and starting lower
    - Sticky Napalm manacost increased from 15 to 20

    Blood Seeker
    - Base armor reduced by 2 points

    Bone Fletcher
    - Strafe changed from 50/60/70/80 AS for 10 seconds to 90 AS for 4/6/8/10 seconds

    Bounty Hunter
    - Imported a custom model for him that has his selection box fixed

    - Warpath's attack speed increase changed to bonus damage (10/20/30 base with 4/8/12 bonus per stack)

    - Insatiable Hunger lifesteal increased from 40/55/70% to 40/60/80%
    - Insatiable Hunger duration increased from 12 to 14 seconds

    Centaur Warchief
    -Double Edge manacost removed
    -Double Edge can no longer cause a suicide

    Chaos Knight
    - Phantasm cooldown decreased from 180 to 180/160/140

    - Rocket Flare vision reduced from 5/10/15/20 to 10 seconds
    - Battery Assault damage reduced from 20/40/60/80 to 10/30/50/70

    Dark Seer
    - Ion Shell manacost increased from 60/80/100/120 to 70/90/110/130
    - Wall of Replica no longer replicates allies
    - Wall of Replica now deals 125 damage each time it affects an enemy hero
    - Wall of Replica illusions damage improved from 35% to 60%

    Drow Ranger
    - Attack range increased from 600 to 625

    - Echo Slam now deals half bonus damage from corpses instead of full

    - Strength growth decreased from 2.0 to 1.0

    - Teleportation cooldown from 60/50/40/30 to 50/40/30/20
    - Wrath of Nature now has a global cast range

    - Berserker's Blood stacking cap of attack speed and damage removed

    - Healing Ward cooldown reduced from 75 to 60

    Keeper of the Light
    - Illuminate max range is now constant at all levels

    - Strength growth increased from 1.7 to 2.1

    - Movement speed increased by 10

    Lina Inverse
    - Base intelligence increased by 5 points and reduced base damage by 5 (total attack damage unchanged)

    Lone Druid
    - Spirit Bear's entangle no longer prevents the target from attacking
    - Spirit Bear's entangle damage increased from 40/sec to 60/sec

    Lord of Avernus
    - Death Coil cast range reduced from 600 to 300

    - Lucent Beam now has a constant 0.6 ministun instead of 0.01/0.1/0.3/0.6

    - Empower cooldown reduced from 12 to 7 seconds
    - Reverse Polarity duration increased from 2/3/4 to 2.5/3.25/4

    - Morph's passive Agility and Strength bonus removed

    Naga Siren
    - Mirror Image illusion count changed from 1/2/3/3 images to a constant 3
    - Mirror Image illusion damage taken changed from 300% to 600/500/400/300%
    - Mirror Image illusion damaged dealt changed from 15/30/30/45% to 30/35/40/45%

    Nerubian Assassin
    - Mana Burn reworked

    Old Mana Burn:
    Burns: 70/120/185/260
    Manacost: 65/85/100/115
    Cooldown: 7
    Cast Range: 500/575/650/725

    New Mana Burn:
    Burns: Mana equal to 4x Int
    Manacost: 90/110/130/150
    Cooldown: 35/25/15/5
    Cast Range: 600

    Sven Level 2: 15 Int [Burns 60 mana]
    Lina Level 2: 27 Int [Burns 108 mana]
    Sven Level 7: 21 Int [Burns 84 mana]
    Lina Level 7: 43 Int [Burns 173 mana]
    Heroes levels without int bonuses

    Nerubian Weaver
    - Base damage increased by 5 points
    - Geminate attack now works against towers
    - Increased attack range buffer to prevent misfires on Geminate Attack

    - Void now slows for 2 seconds during daytime

    Pandarean Brewmaster
    - Fire Panda now has maximum movement speed

    Phantom Assassin
    - Stifling Dagger cooldown reduced from 10 to 8 seconds

    Phantom Lancer
    - Juxtapose image lifetime increased from 15 to 20 seconds

    Priestess of the Moon
    - Starfall random chance to hit in 600-900 range removed

    - Illusory Orb manacost increased by 25, Ethereal Jaunt manacost (25) removed

    - Nether Ward's Mana Flare cooldown removed (was 0.75)

    Queen of Pain
    - Shadow Strike cooldown decreased to 20/17/14/11
    - Scream of Pain cooldown decreased from 10 to 7 seconds

    - Base strength increased from 17 to 21

    - Greater Hawk's invisbility increased from 4 to 6 seconds duration

    - Mass Serpent Wards cooldown increased from 100/80/60 to 110

    - Attack range changed from 100 to 128

    Sand King
    - Sand Storm cooldown from 40/35/30/25 to 40/30/20/10

    - Curse of the Silent duration changed from 2/4/6/8 to 5/6/7/8
    - Curse of the Silent damage/burn reduced from 50/25 hp/mp to 20/10, 30/15, 40/20 and 50/25.
    - Curse of the Silent cooldown reduced from 20 to 14
    - Curse of the Silent manacost decreased from 105/115/125/135 to 75/95/115/135

    - Shrapnel cast range increased by 300

    - Base agility increased from 16 to 21

    Tauren Chieftain
    - Ancestral Spirit cast range decreased from 1500 to 1000
    - Earth Splitter AoE decreased
    - Earth Splitter cooldown increased from 90/75/60 to a constant 100

    - Toss cooldown decreased from 15 to 10 seconds
    - Craggy Exterior armor decreased by 1

    Troll Warlord
    - Battle Trance attack speed bonus increased from 60/80/100 to 60/100/140

    - Dying plagued units heal reduced from 12%/3% on heroes/creeps to 6%/2%
    - Tombstone armor reduced from 10 to 4

    Ursa Warrior
    - Fury Swipes damage increased from 6/12/18/24 -> 10/15/20/25

    - Movement speed decreased by 10

    Witch Doctor
    - Voodoo Restoration initial activation manacost reduced from 50/75/100/125 to 25/50/75/100
    - Paralyzing Casks manacost rescaled from 140 to 110/120/130/140

    - Agility decreased from 15 + 1.7 to 11 + 1.2


    Blood Stone
    - Charge bonus and acquisition reworked

    Old Bloodstone:
    -450 HP
    -400 MP
    -6 HP Regeneration
    -150% Mana Regeneration

    -- Gains 1 charge per hero kill, gains 2 charges when killing a hero if the charges are empty
    -- 1.5 HP and MP per charge
    -- On Death: Heals 450 HP and 400 MP of alied units in 1700 aoe
    -- Loses 1 charge per death
    -- Gold lost on death is reduced by 20% (40% if Bloodstone has charges)
    -- Respawn time is reduced by 10% (20% if Bloodstone has charges)

    New Bloodstone:
    -450 HP
    -400 MP
    -6 HP Regeneration
    -150% Mana Regeneration

    -- Gains 1 charge per nearby (1000) enemy hero death
    -- 1 MP/sec per charge
    -- Loses half charges per death (rounded down)
    -- On Death: Heals 400+25xCharges HP of alied units in 1700 aoe
    -- Gold lost on death is reduced by 25 per charge
    -- Respawn time is reduced by 3 seconds per charge

    Boots of Travel
    - Movement speed increased from 90 to 95

    - Manacost reduced from 245/225/205/185/165 -> 180/160/140/120/100

    Eul's Scepter
    - Movement bonus increased from 20 to 25
    - Now requires a sobi mask instead of a Robe of the Magi (100% Mana regen -> 125%, 16 Int->10 Int, 125 cheaper recipe).

    Energy Booster
    - Now available for purchase in the side shops

    Force Staff
    - Manacost decreased from 100 to 25
    - Cooldown decreased from 30 to 25

    Heart of Tarrasque
    - Regenerates only while you are out of combat (haven't taken damage from player units for 10 seconds)
    - Regeneration increased from 1% to 2%

    Kelen's Dagger
    - Cooldown decreased from 18 to 14

    Khadgar's Pipe of Insight
    - Recipe uses Headdress of Rejuvenation instead of Buckler. Loses armor bonus.
    - Can no longer affect the same unit more than once every 50 seconds

    Old Khadagar's Pipe:
    -Hood of Defiance (2050)
    -Nathrezim Bucker (803)
    -Recipe (800)
    -Total: 3653

    -8 HP Regeneration
    -5 armor
    -30% magic resistance
    -Barrier (active)

    New Khadagar's Pipe:
    -Hood of Defiance (2050)
    -Headress of Rejuvenation (603)
    -Recipe (1000)
    Total: 3653

    -10 HP/sec regeneration
    -30% magic resistance
    -Barrier (active) Can no longer affect the same unit more than once every 50 seconds

    Mask of Madness
    - Increased attack speed from 75 to 100
    - Increased move speed from 15% to 20%
    - Increased damage taken from 20% to 30%,
    - Amplified damage happens as you take the damage once again

    Magic Wand
    - Recipe cost increased from 125 to 150

    - Recipe changed from Eaglehorn to Hyperstone, bonuses adjusted

    Old Mjollnir:
    -Eaglehorn (3300)
    -Maelstrom (3000)
    -Total: 6300

    -35 Agility
    -35 Damage
    -Static Charge (Active)
    -Chain Lightning (Passive)

    New Mjollnir:
    -Hyperstone (2100)
    -Maelstrom (3000)
    -Recipe (400)
    -Total: 5500

    -70 AS
    -24 Damage
    -Static Charge (Active)
    -Chain Lightning (Passive)

    Orchid Malevolence
    - Reduced manacost from 200 to 100

    Phase Boots
    - Recipe and bonuses reworked

    Old Phase Boots:
    -Boots of Speed (500)
    -Chain Mail (550)
    -Blades of Attack (500)
    -Total: 1550

    -70 movement speed
    -16 damage
    -5 armor
    -Phase (Active)

    New Phase Boots:
    -Boots of Speed (500)
    -Blades of Attack (500)
    -Gloves of Haste (500)
    -Total: 1500

    -60 movement speed
    -12 damage
    -30 attack speed
    -Phase (Active)

    Power Treads
    - Recipe and bonuses reworked

    Old Power Treads:
    -Boots of Speed (500)
    -Gloves of Haste (500)
    -Boots of Elvenskin/Belt of Giant Strength/Robe of the Magi (450)
    -Recipe (400)
    -Total: 1850

    -65 movement speed
    -30 attack speed
    -10 selected attribute
    -Switch Attribute (active)

    New Power Treads:
    -Boots of Speed (500)
    -Boots of Elvenskin/Belt of Giant Strength/Robe of the Magi (450)
    -Recipe (450)
    -Total: 1400

    -70 movement speed
    -10 Str, 13 Agi, or 16 Int
    -Switch Attribute (active)

    GamePlay and Cosmetics

    * New Loadscreen by Kunkka
    * Implemented HCL protocol for game hosting bots to control game modes
    * Spanish and German (re-released) languages now available

    * A message is now displayed when a hero buys back
    * Added -int command to see how much Intelligence you have stolen with Silencer
    * Clarity Potion now uses a unit targeting system
    * Cooldown added to disassemble to prevent some abuses
    * Day and Night cycle is synchronized across all game modes now
    * Glyph cooldown is now reset on initial creep spawn
    * Lag when picking Huskar decreased
    * Weaver's attack range buffer increased to prevent misfires on Geminate Attack
    * Window for killstreak sounds increased (double, triple, ultra and rampage) from 13.5 to 18 seconds
    * Improved Aghanim's Scepter tooltip
    * Changed granite golem's color (12095)
    * Corrected various typos and misc inconsistencies
    * Corrected PotM leap tooltip
    * Corrected Circle selection height on Bat Rider
    * Removed the visual effect zombies received when targeting low hp targets
    * Removed Plague visual effect on non-hero units to help reduce visual clutter
    * Added visual animation on Raxes 7 seconds before new creeps spawn (16268)
    * Added a lot more fun names (5464)
    * Added a visual effect to reveal the aoe for Dark Rift (21115)
    * Added visual indicator when you gain a strength point with Flesh Heap (18010)
    * Added a new visual effect for Land Mine explosions (9043)
    * Added a new visual effect for Mystic Snake (PGRUnexpected)
    * Added a sound effect to Mystic Snake
    * Added a new icon for Mystic Snake (9868)
    * Added a new icon for Natural Order (5462)
    * Added a new aura for Natural Order (5467)
    * Added Natural Order aura on TC's spirit
    * Added a new icon for Power Shot
    * Added a new icon for Repel (8875)
    * Added a new animation for Storm Bolt (13541)
    * Added a new icon for Split Shot (9868)
    * Added a new icon for Stone Gaze (9868)
    * Added a new icon for Tidebringer

    Bug Fixes

    * Fixed more bugs with sticky napalm
    * Fixed Tangos, Bottle and Magic Stick/Wand from triggering last word
    * Fixed Vladmir's damage aura having smaller AoE than the lifesteal aura
    * Fixed Euls movement bonus not getting set correctly if you buy any boot items after euls
    * Added an optimized version of the Dark Rift effect to improve performance (PGRu-Unexpect3D)
    * Fixed Eyes in the Forest no longer scaling as it used to before the recent change
    * Fixed Cranium Basher shop hotkey conflicting with Manta Style
    * Fixed a bug with triggering illuminate while in spirit form very near the end of its duration
    * Fixed Fissure to be properly interrupted if the user cancels the action or gets disabled before cast point is reached


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