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    Dota Allstars 6.65 AI Plus Map Download

    We would like to share some information about AI maps. For those who don't even know what is AI map. AI map is an abbriviation of Artifical Intelligence. And Artificial Intelligence means computer generted opponents. This map is more likely used to improve your skills, because AI opponents gain more exp from creeps and also get more gold to kill each creep. That's why most of the well knowned players like to play this AI map.

    Dota 6.65 is the next map of DotA Allstars series. IceFrog has just announced that he will make some balance changes or In the past two releases we have seen balancing and fixing, Now it’s time for v6.65 of DotA in which we will see new Heroes, items and fun stuff as IceFrog promised. What do you want in the upcoming Dota 6.65 / Dota Allstars 6.65 map, New heroes, hero remake, cosmetics, bug fixes or an item? Share your thoughts, suggestions via comments.

    Update 3 from IceFrog – Final Dota 6.65 Release Date:

    IceFrog gave a hint of Dota 6.65 release date, check more details. (released)

    Update 2 – From IceFrog Blog: Nightcrawler

    He didn’t say anything on this post, but the video inside the post already answer it. Looks like the new hero will be named Nightcrawler.

    Update 1 – From IceFrog Blog: 6.65 Development

    Just a quick update to keep you guys in the loop. The 6.65 development cycle is underway and I’m hoping to make it an enjoyable update. It will have some fresh new content in addition to the usual improvements.

    Link Download Dota Allstars 6.65

    - DotA-Allstars v6.65.w3x (mirror 1)

    - DotA-Allstars v6.65.w3x (mirror 2)

    - Dota 6.65 Map Full Download

    - Dota 6.65 Map Alternative Download


    1. yang ai da g bos???

      bles di yanuar.VF@gmail.com

    2. anjisssss c abeu ay dihalaman hareup searching google jang dota euy.........congratsss

      mnh up to date pisan lah..

      ===hell man====

    3. salam kenal sob sukses dota nya

    4. @ elyas : salam kenal juga sob...
      thanx ya. . jangan bosan datang :D

    5. ajigh... mana dota 6.65 AI na ?? hanas diasupan ku uing

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