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    DotA Allstars 6.67c Map Download & Changelogs

    DotA 6.67c Map Download. IceFrog has just released DotA 6.67c as a bug fix patch. He has fixed all the bugs which were reported to him including the Magnus Skewer Bug. Check out the DotA 6.67c changelogs and download the map.

    DotA 6.67c - DotA Allstars 6.67c Download Links:

    DotA-Allstars v6.67c.w3x (mirror 1)

    DotA-Allstars 6.67c.zip (mirror 2)

    DotA 6.67 Changelog | DotA Allstars v6.67c Changelog:
    * Fixed casting distance exploits with Skewer
    * Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause everyone in the game gets a massive FPS drop for a minute
    * Fixed Cleave/Anchor Smash from instantly killing Swarm creatures
    * Various performance improvements when casting The Swarm
    * Fixed Soul Steal channeling text in the tooltip
    * Non-hero units now do half damage to The Swarm
    * Commands like -test and -wtf are now restricted if there is a gamebot deciding the mode to be used
    * Fixed a bug with lifesteal and The Swarm creatures
    * Fixed a rare Mac issue with shared Soul Ring
    * Added passive icon for Strygyer's Thirst
    * Added passive icon for Plague


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