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    [download] POKAT - Baca pdf dengan tampilan Baca Buku

    Nih penjelasannya langsung diambil dari webnya, sengaja ga ditranslate biar ga ada salah pengertian.

    "Experience reading documents as never before. It's easy-to-use and is the perfect presentation and document management tool.

    Document Management - No matter where your PDFs are sitting on your computer, automatically adds your files its Library. Instantly access your pdf files.

    * Drag-and-Drop PDF to open in Flip-Style
    * Auto PDF Library creation
    * One Click Library backup
    * Bookshelves in Library
    * Bookmark pages for easy reference
    * One-Click Go to bookmarks
    * Delete and/or rename bookmarks
    * Print (single page, page range or all)
    * Change Skin (application colour)
    * Go to specific page
    * One-Click Zoom

    Dramatically improve the way you interact with documents!!"

    Langsung aja deh yang minat ama aplikasi keren ini donlot secepatnya. Mumpung gratis.

    klik disini.

    yang mau mampir official webnya masuk sini.


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